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Business owners, CEO’s, CFO’s, and COO’s: Are you facing roadblocks to growth? Operational or supplier relations issues? Underwhelming results year after year? Are you looking to grow your business intelligently, strategically, and sustainably?

Look to Grierson Consulting for credible, down-to-earth guidance, proven processes – and sensible “straight talk” to propel your company forward. At Grierson Consulting, we don’t merely consult; we roll up our sleeves and dive into your operations, processes and relationships to identify roadblocks, fix what’s broken – and take your business from lukewarm to highly lucrative, while helping you formulate a clearer vision to stay the course.


Are you asking the right questions to realize success?

Consider these five simple questions:

  • Do you know where the current problems in your business reside?
  • Are all of your business processes fully efficient?
  • Do you have strong relationships with your customers, suppliers… and employees?
  • Have you developed a world-class roadmap to success?
  • Have you reached your full potential as a dynamic company?

If you answered NO to anyone of these questions, contact us today for a complimentary 60-90-minute Discovery session.

Business opportunity is knocking. Just like it did at Elmira Poultry in 1999, and look where we took it.

Elmira Poultry

Our clients can tell you about their experiences with success.

“Grierson Consulting was instrumental in helping our company identify obstacles that were holding us back and opportunities for growth. His frank, accessible, no- nonsense approach made the process easy. His tools are excellent and his action plans are immediate…. Grierson Consulting provides quick direction that simplifies and minimizes the hard work that makes change happen. He is well worth the time and investment -- and I highly recommend him.”
Peter Hawkins
Director, MELLOHAWK Logistics

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Todd Grierson - Grierson Consulting Inc
Meet Todd Grierson

Business Development Leader, Consultant and Coach.

With a career spanning 25 years, Todd brings expertise across multiple disciplines, including operations, procurement, sales, marketing, leadership and strategic planning – as both a leader and business owner.

In 1999, Todd purchased Elmira Poultry, creating a bold vision and strategic plan for growth. During his ownership, Todd was instrumental in driving business growth and dramatically increasing production capability. With a customer list that included Fortune 100 companies such as Loblaws, Sobeys and Costco, Elmira sales grew from $29 million in 1999 to $50 million in 2006. To position the company for continued growth manufacturing capacity was increased and advanced technology was continually introduced.

During this tenure, Todd was also actively engaged, as an industry leader, with various business consortiums, providing leadership and guidance to other manufacturing entities – and beginning to develop his unique consulting approach.

In 2006, Elmira was sold for a “market premium” to JD Sweid Foods, based on the quality of systems, processes and advanced capabilities. Todd was retained after the sale to continue his leadership role and bring his production expertise and leadership insights to JD Sweid.

Now as a business development and manufacturing leader, Todd has packaged his experiences into a consulting toolkit and strategic approach that helps companies realize their market potential.

“With my experience buying, building and selling, I approach every engagement like an investor. I ask the difficult questions and focus on high-impact business measures, helping leadership teams build a vision and execute strategies that elevate value.”

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